In 2014, a pair of mated Bald Eagles chose a Tulip Poplar tree amongst the Azalea Collection at the National Arboretum, which is operated by our client, the United States Department of Agriculture. These two Eagles named ‘Mr. President’ and ‘The First Lady’ raised one eaglet successfully in 2015 as the first Bald Eagle pair to nest in this location since 1947. As a part of their public outreach efforts to promote nature conservation the 501(c)3 American Eagle Foundation partnered with the National Arboretum to stream images from two high definition solar powered video cameras from the top of the nest tree.

Millennium Enterprise (MEC), as a trusted partner of the USDA, was selected in November 2015 as the contractor to configure the wired network which would provide the public 24/7 live stream footage of the nest. MEC delivered 100% network uptime – despite snow, wind, and rain our network never went down. This network provided the images of the egg laying, hatching, and chick feeding up until the fledgling of eaglets ‘Freedom’ and ‘Liberty.’