Hosting Services & Benefits

MEC has decades of experience in the Healthcare IT space, and we know how important performance is to your Physicians and staff.  MEC HCIT staff comes from the healthcare world living the same troubles and issues you currently face.  Rest assured, that we “get it” making our focus of HCIT (Healthcare Information Technology) very different that other IT companies.

MEC actively manages and optimizes your EHR to ensure high performance and reliability. Our hosted Cloud EHR systems are designed specifically for electronic medical records, and exceed all HIPAA compliance regulations.

 MEC’s IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service) hosting options give you all the control and autonomy over your servers without the hardware or maintenance costs.  Our cloud servers and data stores are of the highest standards and show a marked improvement in performance over local servers or even other data centers.

MEC’s Hosting Services give you that level of computing capability. With a full range of services to maximize your system performance, secure your data, maintain HIPAA and SOC2 compliance, and streamline workflows – our consultants can make sure you have the ideal practice management setup in place so that you can focus on your patients.


 True North servers are more than two times faster than the industry average.


True North servers average 99.999% uptime – exceeding industry standards.


 We provide guaranteed service levels with compensation for downtime.

The Benefits of Hosting Your EHR with MEC

  • Active management & optimization of your EHR by MEC EHR specialists.
  • Eliminate system crashes & performance issues.
  • Data security & compliance that exceeds HIPAA.
  • Sub-minute system recovery during a disaster.
  • Support for other cloud deployments, including hybrid, AWS and Azure.
  • Full cloud access available for your internal IT teams through VMWare.

Our EMR Hosting Solutions Give You Ultimate Performance

Our EMR hosting is focused on optimizing your systems and eliminate the common frustrations we see in many healthcare environments. Our private cloud platform is built on “best in class” technology platforms like VMWare, Microsoft Azure, Cisco, and Citrix to deliver a fully optimized and high performing EMR software delivery to tackle performance issues in your EMR.

Reduce and eliminate system crashes

Get the best possible system performance from the Cloud

Enjoy superior connection and mobility

Ensured immediate access to patient charts

Ensure Data Security Compliance & Recover from Disaster

Our EMR hosting is fully HIPAA and SOC2 compliant, ensuring that your data is protected to the highest industry standards. As well, our data centers employ state of the art security measures including restricted access, visual surveillance, armed guards, and full offsite data protection in the event disaster strikes.

Fully HIPPA and SOC2 compliant data security

Data backups, technical support, and HIPPA training

Intrusion detection, security assessments, and monitoring

Ensure your data is available in the event of a disaster

State of the art and secure data centers

Private Cloud Disaster Recovery Offers

Managing an IT system involves performing routine preventative and maintenance tasks such as upgrades, security checks, patching, monitoring, and infrastructure optimization. But with our cloud-based VMWare environment, you’ll enjoy powerful performance and complete integration with EMR platforms without having to worry about keeping your systems running

Full management of your computing infrastructure

Maintenance, patches, upgrades, optimization and security as much or as little control over you IT as you need

Focus on patient care rather than IT issues

Reduce the Costs of Managing Your EHR System

Our service offering & pricing structure save both time and money versus managing your own IT infrastructure. Capital expenditure on servers, networking, staff, power, security, and equipment can be significantly reduced, allowing IT resources to be redeployed to other areas of your healthcare practice.

Fixed and predictable invoicing

Only pay for usage without overcapacity

Scale your computing as you grow

Reduce capital hardware acquisition and staffing costs


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