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As a small business, prime contractor, MEC is uniquely positioned to offer the “best value” in eLearning solutions; the best value, here, is defined as offering services to our clients at the lowest possible risk, and at the lowest supportable cost. For innovative adult-learning solutions, MEC specializes in proving hardware and software support services for customizable instructional design solutions while maintaining a focus on responsible budgetary spending for its government clients. We understand that the client desires an interface that provides “state-of-the-art” training modules, with the ability to access eLearning courses to use state of the art technology, strategies, and techniques that encourage active participation, mastery of concepts, and ultimately fulfills the demand for standardized training on contemporary policing instruction.

MEC Development Methodology

MEC will employ a collaboration loop, which entails: (1) using desired script to create storyboards and summaries; (2) developing the course modules which will include interactive elements, gamification, and real-world scenarios based on an action-mapping technique; (3) performing quality control of deliverables; (4) incorporating modifications or revisions; and (5) obtaining final approvals for courses to go live/launch the course.

eLearning Agile Process

AGILE development principles encourage client involvement throughout the full spectrum of product development timelines and is a facilitation tool for a cooperative, and collaborative approach. MEC’s AGILE methodology ensures that all features undergo a comprehensive test plan to confirm that they work as expected. MEC’s team will always make sure that training modules have gone through a rigorous QA check and testing in its internal staging environment to ensure real use simulation prior to releasing it to their customers. Releasing continuously only after a proper vetting of software also reduces risk and makes it easier for clients to understand what has been delivered and why it matters to the end users.

Learning Management Systems

Learning Management Systems (SCORM 1.2/2004)

Learning Record Stores (xAPI/Tin Can)

Training Management Systems

Content Management Systems

Learning Solutions

Synchronous and Asynchronous Delivery

IMI/WBT/CBT Courseware

Instructor-Led Courses


Virtual Task Trainers / Virtual Training Environments

Electronic Performance Support Systems (EPSS)

Video/Audio Production

Simulation and Modeling

Legacy Content Conversions (Authorware, Flash, etc.)

Corporate Universities Knowledge Management

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